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John's Artistic Iron Works Inc, located in Lexington, SC, provides a range of iron works, from exterior railings to unique, custom designs. Our metal fabrication may be the answer to your need for gates, mailboxes, and more. We have been designing and creating items for over 50 years, and we have the knowledge, experience, and advanced techniques to produce the right materials for you. Whether you need one of our creations for your home or for your business, you will find that our iron pieces look great while also serving their functional purposes. For affordable metal fabrication that will enhance the look, feel and overall value of your property, trust John's Artistic Iron Works Inc. Please give us a call in Lexington today!
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Types of pieces

Contact us and you can choose from a large selection of professional products that are made with time-tested metal fabrication techniques. Our company can provide custom built iron works such as:
• Exterior railings
• Interior railings
• Gates
• Mailboxes
• Window guards
Call us in Lexington to find out about our design options! We have worked with both residential and commercial properties, and always dazzle our clients.

Professional, reliable service

John's Artistic Iron Works Inc of Lexington provides reliable and efficient services when it comes to the planning, design, and fabrication of custom built iron works for both residential and commercial properties. Drawing from our 50+ years of metal fabrication experience, our company is committed to offering our clients exceptional service and quality.

We will work with you to discuss your stylistic requirements, making sure that the items we offer will fit into your home or office perfectly. If you are considering adding a railing, mailbox, or window guard to your home, contact us first and see what our artistic designs can do for you!
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